Argyle Municipal Court of Record No. 1


As of June 12, 2023 the new Municipal Court hours are below:

Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 4:30 pm 

Virtual E-Court using Zoom software - In an effort to begin conducting normal municipal court dockets, court hearings have resumed through Zoom. Please make sure you have updated the court with your current address, telephone number and email. 

In order to attend an E-Court docket, you MUST download the free Zoom app onto your device and create a free account. You MUST use your full legal name and not a "fictitious name or nickname". You CANNOT have someone appear on your behalf unless they are a licensed Texas attorney. You may be asked to provide a Texas Driver’s License number to verify your identity on the date of your virtual court date. Once you have attended E-Court, you MUST contact the Court within 2 business days and arrange for the completion of your paperwork. It is your responsibility to follow up with the Court. **Note: if you are requesting time to pay, deferred disposition or the driver’s safety course, you may do so by contacting the court clerk’s office at 940-464-7255 and do not need to appear for E-Court.


The mission of the Argyle Municipal Court is to fairly and impartially administer justice while providing excellent customer service. 

Municipal Courts are the judicial branch of city government and part of the state’s judicial system. Municipal Courts hear Class C misdemeanor cases such as traffic violations as well as ordinance violation including fire safety, public health, sanitation, and zoning ordinances.


The Argyle Municipal Court observes the same HOLIDAYS and CLOSURES as Town Hall.