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ABA Directory Application

  1. ABA Directory Application

    Sign up to be included in the Argyle Business Association online directory. The online directory is a list of businesses located within Argyle town limits and Argyle ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction). Businesses located outside of town limits or ETJ are not eligible for inclusion in the directory.

  2. Business Contact Information

    Please share contact information for your business that can be shared publicly on the Argyle Business Association Directory.

  3. This field is optional for home-based businesses.

  4. Include a link to your business website.

  5. Include a link to your business social media page (whichever platform you use the most).

  6. Business Category

    Choose any category that applies to your business. Once you have selected all the applicable categories, please submit the form.

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  8. Join the ABA

    The Argyle Business Association (ABA) is a resource provided by the Town of Argyle Economic Development Corporation to promote local Argyle businesses and encourage networking. The ABA does not charge dues for membership. This organization is intended to serve businesses located within Argyle town limits. By submitting this form, you agree to receive emails from the ABA regarding upcoming events and networking opportunities. To opt out of the email list, please check the box below.

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