Street Light and Power Outages

Report a Street Light Outage

CoServ maintains street lights located in their service territory. If you notice a street light in need of a bulb replacement or repair, please submit this Street Light Outage form.  CoServe will complete the work in 7-10 business days.

When reporting, please provide the following:

Your contact information

City of outage location

Street light tag number

Subdivision of outage location (if applicable) 

Directions to outage location

Report Downed Power Lines and Other Electric Emergencies

Call (844) 330-0762

Check for Power Outages

To check for power outages, visit the CoServ Outage Map. Reporting an outage by text is easy. Just text OUT to 768482. 

Contact CoServ

CoServ Customer Care


By Phone: (940) 321-7800