2019 Road Improvement Project

In January 2019, the Town of Argyle issued $2,750,000 for a large-scale road improvement project to include microsurfacing approximately 5.6 miles of roads, repair/maintain 2.75 miles of roads with an asphalt overlay and reconstruct approximately 2 miles of roads throughout the town.  Below is an estimated timeline of the project along with draft documents associated with the project.  For further information, please reach out the Public Works Director Troy Norton.

Key Dates (updated 7/8/2019):

April 4, 2019Public Meeting on Draft Documents, Argyle Town Hall, 6p-8p
May 2019Microsurfacing Project Begins
June 2019Bid Part 1 and Part 2 of Project
July 2, 2019Town Council Awarded Part 1 and Part 2 Contracts
Aug 5, 2019 Begin Construction on Part 2 (Stonecrest, Sam Davis and Gibbons)
mid-October, 2019Begin Construction on Part 1 (Whispering Trails and Harpole)
mid-November, 2019Part 2 Construction Complete
mid-January, 2020Part 1 Construction Complete
Argyle 2019 CIP Exhibit and Schedule 07 25 19