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Alarm Permit Application

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Town of Argyle Alarm Permit.

Certificate of Occupancy Packet

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The Certificate of Occupancy inspection is an inspection for life safety items and general maintenance. A Certificate of Occupancy inspection is a requirement for all new businesses within the Town of Argyle.

Contractor Registration Packet

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Any person, firm or corporation to intiate building construction work, mechancial (heat and air) work, plumbing work, electrical or OSSF providers work within the Town of Argyle must registrator as a contractor.

Driver's Crash Report

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If you have been involved in an accident that was not reported to the Police, a self-reported or “blue” form maybe used to document the accident. Self-Reported Accident Form from TXDOT.

Demolition Permit

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Demolition Permit is required for the removal of any structure within the Town of Argyle.

Driveway Culvert Permit Packet

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Driveway culvert permit is required for all driveways, approaches or culverts that are being installed within the Town limits. Also, a permit is required for any repair or maintenance to an existing driveway, approach or culvert.

Easement Abandonment and ROW Vacation application

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Application for the purpose of abandonment an easement and/or right of way vacation (removal).

Residential Building Permit

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A general building permit is required for the construction of a structure, pool, carport, shed, or any mechanical, electrical or plumbing repairs.

Police Dept. Initial Application Packet

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Police Applicants 

Please review and complete this initial application packet and return it to Cathy Krenek for processing.  If you have any questions at all about disqualifiers, contact Captain Cottle at the email address listed on the packet.

New Commerical Construction Packet

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New Commerical Construction packet contains all the information for the construction and/or remodel of a commerical structure.

Personnel Complaint Process Form

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How to make a complaint against a police officer in Argyle.

Residential Accessory Structure Packet

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Residential Accessory Structure Packet includes all of the information needed for the construction of an accessory structure.

Residential Remodel Packet

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Residential Remodel Packet contains all of the information for the remodel of a residential structure.

Sign Permit Packet

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Sign Permit Packet contains all of the requirements for various types of signs.

Swimming Pool Permit Packet

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Swimming pool permit packet contains all of the information for the installation of an in-ground or above ground pool.

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