Form Based Code 101

In response to several questions during the course of reviews of development applications, Town staff reached out to Gateway Planning to provide a training session on the Town of Argyle's Form Based Code. Gateway Planning is the group that drafted the original document with input from the community from 2013-2015.

On June 10, 2019, a Joint Work Session with the Town Council, Economic Development Corporation, and Planning and Zoning Commission was held to receive training from Gateway Planning on the Town's Form Based Code regulations. 

The goal of the training was to provide the Town officials with the following: 
• A history of the adoption of the Form Base Code;
• A general comparison of Form Based Code vs traditional straight zoning; 
• The process used in applying the Form Based Code along with a market analysis; and 
• Information to assist elected and appointed officials in determining if the Form Based Code is a tool the Town still wants to utilize.

The Joint Work Session on Form Based Code may be viewed here.

Form Based Code Documents