PACE: Program for Argyle Community Engagement 

What is PACE?
PACE, or, Program for Argyle Community Engagement, provides a platform for developers to request to host Town Hall Forums periodically to provide an opportunity for community members to have an informal conversation regarding matters of interest. This is a voluntary program and is not a requirement for approval by The Town.

Generally, these forums are held to discuss development cases and are requested by the developer. These forums provide a place to discuss proposed developments and hear feedback from residents before a case goes to the Planning and Zoning Commission or Town Council. Town Staff do not participate in these voluntary meetings; rather these are intended for interaction between the community and the developer.

PACE Request Form and Meeting Dates

Contained in this packet is a PACE Request Form that can be submitted to the Town if you have interest in holding a PACE meeting regarding a topic of interest for a development project. PACE meetings are typically held at Town Hall on the 1st Thursday or 3rd Tuesday of each month depending on facility and staff availability.

PACE Meetings

On the day of the PACE meeting, the applicant will give a brief overview or presentation of the topic at hand and the community will provide questions and feedback. This allows the applicant to answer any questions about the project or topic, and for concerns raised by the community.

Who Do I Contact
For more information about the PACE meetings and submitting meeting requests, please contact Harrison Wicks.

PACE Request Packet